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In a world where students have access to technology, there is increasing need to incorporate systems wherein the focus is on the learner than the teacher. Technology has a huge role to play in this paradigm shift. In order that the teachers as facilitators grasp the huge untapped potential of technology, TQMS is organizing a virtual global conference in educational technology titled “Technology for Blended and Distributed Education” from August 18-20, 2010 wherein the speakers address the participants over virtual mode through video conferencing and webinars. The objective is manifold to tap the potential of technology, to bring world renowned and distinguished speakers in specialized domains in ICT advancements in education and address emerging concepts, technology based administrative deployment practices, strategies and possibilities to share their experiences with a select audience from their home location from any part of the world. The sessions would be scheduled to take into consideration the various location of speakers from different time zones. While participants of the conference will assemble at Christ University, the venue for conference proceedings, the robustness of the conference will also be built around high quality peer reviewed papers for a few face to face presentation as ‘interlude conference plug-in sessions’ at the physical location of the conference on all the days of the conference. It is intended that the conference will also reinforce the supplementary and complementary nature of technology wherein the facilitator plays a very important role.



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