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Posted by Anil Pinto on 8:55 PM
Hi All
Today's class, must say, was quite impressive. Hope you will manage to step up the tempo as the course progresses.

Here are some online initiates and guidelines pertaining to the course.

Course Blog: http://digitalnatives2009.blogspot.com
Course email id: digitalnatives2009@gmail.com

As part of the coursework the participants are expected to make blog posts around various issues concerning Digital Classroom/education. Please make posts and carry the discussion/questions there, as enthusiastically as you discussed them in the classroom. Invites to become contributors to the blog have already been sent. Please accept them.

Audio of the classroom discussion will be made available on the blog.

Course readings will be put up on the CSCS website http://www.cscs.res.in or www.cscsarchive.org. (The CSCS server is down as of now due to repair work. Should be up in a few days.) The readings will also be given links in the course blog.

The readings for today's class and the succeeding class is from The University in Ruins by Bill Readings

Please look up Sakshat, the National Mission on Education through ICT http://www.sakshat.ac.in/. You may comment on it in the blog and bring up your insights, questions/comments to classroom

Email ids of Course instructors:
"Ashish Rajadhyaksha" ,
"Nishant Shah" ,
"Anil J Pinto" ,



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